Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing World Wide Virtual Assistant


If there is an individual, who plays an essentially busy role in business interests, it is the virtual assistant. Because of the demanding environment of industries, more and more companies see the need for a steward who will directly manage many aspects of corporate operations. OutsourcingWorldWide is committed to make life easier for many enterprises. Through its team of reliable and energetic virtual assistants, the answer to office management issues is here. Whenever schedules and tasks are being tackled, a sense of urgency is a must. Because of these priorities, a lot of firms get caught up with the grand commercial picture. Due to this, virtual assistants are necessary to fulfil clerical and secretarial obligations.

Virtual assistants are your office personnel whose presence can only be felt through the duties and responsibilities that they accomplished within certain periods of time. What makes these people valuable is their ability to keep the significant but neglected tasks out of the way. In a sense, this group are those individuals who are trusted upon to accomplish jobs that are secondary to the bigger business venture. OutsourcingWorldWide has employed detail-oriented persons who will become the vital link between industries and their operational processes and functions. The importance of virtual assistants lies in their administrative capacity to complete situational obligations that are vital to the entire commercial perspective.

  • Data Entry/ Word Processing
  • Light Bookkeeping/ Invoicing
  • Online Research
  • Ad Posting
  • Email & Social Media Campaigns
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Email Management
  • Call Screening
  • Business Writing, Editing and Proofreading
  • Calendar Management
  • Statistical Reports/ Monthly, Quarterly & Year-End Reports Creation
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Email Marketing/ Bulk Mailings/ Direct Mail Programs Management
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Surveys & Follow Up Calls
  • Customer/ Contact Management
  • Data Management/ Data Administration
  • General Typing and Word Processing
  • Personal Websites/ Family Websites
  • Travel Planning/ Reservations/ Research
  • Corporate Gifts/ Invitations and more!